Thoughts from the best weekend of my life

5 A.M. is for going to bed, not waking up.

Elton John Pandora makes great driving music.

My brother can make a mean breakfast.

Dungeons and Dragons is cool, okay?

Hot weather sucks balls.

Beer is expensive at concerts.

Music artists don’t always start shows on time.

But when they make a crowd wait, it is worth it.

I never thought Lil Wayne could bring tears to someone’s eyes…until I saw my sister when he came out.

Drake looks good repping a Ducks jersey.

I want a friendship like Drake and Weezy’s.

Drake can shmoney dance.

Lil Wayne cannot.

Or sing.

Drake can drop panties by the hundreds by singing.

They can really put on a great show.

And they really do seem grateful to be able to do what they do.

Concert parking lots are a nightmare.

Meeting other Dutchies waiting to get out is fucking cool!


Exhibit a) hashbrowns in an omelette.

Brunch is cool.

So are mimosas.

Olympia is really close to Portland.

And it’s fucking beautiful.

Taylor is my very best friend, no doubt about it.

Her stand is really dope.

They sell liquor in WA grocery stores!?

King Solomon’s Reef is the bomb.

Best club sandwich you’ll ever eat.

Olympia at night is gorgeous.

Taking a walk with someone you love is underrated.

If you have a bottle of wine, you would do anything for a corkscrew.

If you push a cork into the bottle, prepare for the ensuing explosion.

I’m not the smartest.

Wine is magical in its ability to travel long distances.

Oculus is a weird fucking movie.

Taylor’s couch is comfy, and her apartment is perfect.

I want to marry girls that make me breakfast.

Tay’s coworkers are great.

I’m happy she’s happy up there.

Teslas are fucking cool.

My cell phone service sucks on 58.

When I get attached, I’m attached.

Working a grave after driving 8 hours makes me productive.

And I would do it again in a second.